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Dec 17, 2012 10:12 PM

How do you top your french fries?

Is it chili?

Chili and cheese?

Or maybe poutine?

Ranch dressing instead?

Perhaps you prefer "Animal Style" (a la In N Out)?

Or pastrami chili cheese a la The Hat?

Or something else?

Do tell ....

Me? I like my french fries (steak cut) topped with eggs scrambled with tomato, Taiwanese-style.

This, of course, is followed closely with french fries (again, steak cut) topped with marinara sauce mixed with Chinese pork floss.

What about you?

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  1. hot beef gravy on the side to dip into
    a specialty of the house here:

    1. Just the standard salt and vinegar .....

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      1. re: cacruden

        This is good. I will also add ketchup and pepper sometimes.

        I also like mayo or mayo and horseradish sauce.

        I don't like chick fil a fries but they are ok with their sauce of the same name.

        I like zesty or curly or zesty curly fries too. Sometimes I dip in cottage cheese or the sauce in my coleslaw.

      2. Carne asada fries. I've yet to have poutine, though I'm pretty sure that I would love it.

        A good, garlicky aioli is also always welcome.

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        1. re: Violatp

          I've tried fries with toum, but that's pushing it.

          Carne asada for sure, which plenty of chilies too.

        2. Once cooked right I do not 'top' french fries as find makes them soggy before can eat. Instead I prefer to season immediately after cooking when sticks then 'dip'.

          I most often like my fried potatoes golden brown and crispy on the outside soft almost mashed on the inside. Especially love steak cut. While cook other shapes similar.

          NOTE: Feel fresh is best, but if unable to consume them all I re-heat in the oven (find give a less soggy re-heat). It is best to not make too many french fires so all get consumed when make.

          SUGGESTION: Sometimes it is fun fun to batter fried potatoes for a twist.

          P.S. Tots are a good, but wonder what is added that makes them so greasy. Most-often stick with home cut potatoes instead of something out of a bag here.

          1. I like my fries virgin (salt excluded).

            I've had poutine 25 years ago and I have no inclination to try it again, even if I live in Montréal.