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Dec 17, 2012 09:17 PM

Can I sub powdered buttermilk for regular milk in chicken and dumplings?

I'm making chicken and dumplings tonight so tomorrow they'll have that really good "sat in the fridge all night" taste when I serve them to company tomorrow. Not to mention that it makes it much easier, anyways...

The recipe calls for some regular milk to be added in at the very end of the recipe. Do you think it would be ok to mix up some of the powdered buttermilk with water and use that to add to dish right at the very end? I was planning on using the powdered buttermilk to make the dumplings with anyway.

If push comes to shove I'll go to the gas station and get some milk, but I'd rather avoid it since it's raining.

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  1. What ended up happening was that I totally forgot about the milk at the end and ate a bowl to sample it. It was so freaking delicious, especially considering how few ingredients went into it. The dumplings are so good, they really soaked up the flavor so nicely.

    This is going to be lunch tomorrow so I may or may not get some milk to add to it by the time I heat it back up. I bet the milk and/or some cream would be good in it. But I'm kind of digging the non-milk version too, more poor and rustic. We'll see.

    1. Yes I think the powdered milk would be okay if you choose to add it. If you're really worried, the easiest thing would be to pull out a 1/4 cup and mix in a little of the powdered milk and see what you think, especially if you already like it without the milk.