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Dec 17, 2012 08:07 PM

Amazing Meal in Minnie - Butcher and the Boar

I know a few of you have written about the "Butcher and the Boar", but tonight I ordered right and thought I should share.

I started with Fulton Sweet Child of the Vine brewed two blocks from the place - the most fresh and unctuous IPA I have had just about anywhere outside of the UK! I chose the duck sausages with this beautiful turnip cake (not too sweet) - fried egg and black sesame with a delicate slaw that has a kick, but pairs so well with a red wine reduction. Then on the side I ordered the cedar planked mushrooms - beautifully seasoned, not oversmoked, and my taste buds went in a totally different, but entirely welcomed, direction. For desert, a single, simple shot of the most delicious burbon this east coaster has ever wrapped his tounge around. Prichards - a pricey but total and completely well worth it finish to an ideal meal.

Not nearly the heaviness that you might expect from a place that is named to conjure images of larndenous over indulgence. Far from it! Light airy, with the most intense combinations of flavors this side of Louisiana. Wow.

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  1. You're ranking Prichards ahead of Pappy Van Winkle? That's a bold statement indeed.

    Thanks for the review and your choices are noted for my next visit

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      Well - I was blown away, but am not at all steeped in the wonderful burbon backwaters (the Butcher was very polite as he carefully steered me away from my sadly long held fascination with Makers Mark...). I will look for Van Winkle - but it will take quite a bit to unseat that delicious Prichards. Curious though, so hopefully I can find Pappy back home...