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Dec 17, 2012 07:37 PM

Northwest casual group get-together?

I am trying to plan a party for the first Saturday night in January. Some of the conditions: I want to treat my friends, but don't want to go want to be able to pre-order food and maybe have wine and beer with it. The group will be about 10 to 15, possibly as many as 20. I want something casual: its more about the friends than the food...DH and I were thinking that a pizza and beer party would be ideal. I called Metro Pizza (they have a new location at 215 and 95, which is just about perfect in terms of location since almost everyone coming lives in the Northwest part of town)...but they don't take reservations on Saturday nights. Even for a large group, I ask? No, the manager tells me; we can't afford to hold a table for that large a group when we are full that night anyway. Even if I give my credit card and pre-order food? No, apparently not. So apparently they don't really want my business....guess the recession is officially over.

But something like that would be great. I would prefer not a chain, and something inexpensive and casual. Pizza and beer would be perfect; most of my friends love it even though I'm not a big pizza person. I would really prefer a place where we would be totally comfortable in jeans and tshirts....Ideas, hounds? Oh, and veggie alternatives (although not necessarily vegan) are an absolute must.

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  1. Janet - Chef Marc of Parma fame has just opened up Novecento Pizzaria that features a wood burning oven and serves Neapolitan pizzas. There is not much information available at this point except one detailed review on yelp. The pizzaria is located at 5705 Centennial Center Blvd and the phone number is (702) 685-4900.

    1. Let's add a +1 to Novecento - these are the same pizza's that they were serving at Marc's on Wednesday evenings, now in a permanent location. But if they are not quite geared up for that size of party yet, perhaps Marc's itself. They have shown a terrific flexibility in handling this kind of event in the past.

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        Thanks, I'll give Novacento a call! As I'm sure you realize, this neighborhood is chain central, and I'm trying to avoid chains. Isn't Marc's still over by Trader Joe's (Buffalo and Vegas?) Ifso, its a little sense throwing a party in a place where all of those attending would have to drive 15 miles...

        BTW, have either of you heard anything about the restaurants at the new Aliante casino? Now that they are no longer a Station property they are back on the possibility list, and I only live a block from there....

        EDIT: Just called Novacento and we are going to have it there. The manager was very helpful, thanks!!

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          Have not had a chance to get out to Aliante since the change but I wish them the best of luck; it will not be an easy battle.

          You can file away that Marc's Parma is at 7591 West Washington - about 5 miles from the new pizza location. As it turns out, they had a special oven built for Novecento, so the pizzas will still be available on occasion at Marc's. The Roma has been a particular favorite (think of it is a pizza version of a "carbonara").

      2. Try Kerry's Sports Pub , Rancho + Gowan. Good food. Used to hit the all you can eat ribs on Thursday's for $13.

        1. So you've obviously found your place, but in case of future needs, check out the Market Grille Cafe at N Durango/Elkhorn for greek food. They have a nice private party room and I'm sure would accommodate similar needs, in case you're looking for something different next time.

          1. Update: Novecento turned out to be a great choice. It is very casual (paper plates and napkins), but that suited the group. You order drinks at the counter, so we handled that by just asking everyone to say they were with out group (we gave a code word:-) and running a tab. The pizzas are wonderful. Chef Marc started us out with some salads served family style; all fresh and delicious, then took our pizza orders. We tried a variety of toppings...they have a spicy tomato sauce that is excellent. DH was especially pleased with the vegetarian versions. We finished with a variety of gelatos and canoli. The total bill came to just a little above 20 dollars a person all-inclusive. We were stuffed; a great value. Recommended!