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Dec 17, 2012 07:22 PM

Do you butter bread/rolls/cornbread/others?

Since it's the holidays, we have had much more bread and rolls around and I've noticed that there are staunch butter on bread vs no butter on bread lovers. I have also noticed at various dinners out with with different crowds over the year but it's really been apparent this season. I can understand if someone is trying to save a few calories, but most of the anti-butter people that I know of don't do it for this reason. FWIW, I only occasionally butter rolls and usually just don't feel I need it. However, most of my family won't go near a roll, even the amazing rolls we serve at the holidays, without butter. Just wondering - do you butter bread/rolls/cornbread?

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  1. This is quite the topic. I like both.

    1. Definitely. Hell, there are those in our family who will butter cinnamon rolls.....

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      1. re: Cheez62

        You mean some people don't? Yes, I've had the occasional cold roll out of the box by the office coffee urn, but at the table with hot ones fresh from the oven, it's Please pass the butter.

        1. re: Will Owen

          I usually don't...I'm in the 2 bite roll club, pop them in like candy. Though this holiday I fully intend to add several 1000s of calories with a butter taste test with all of the wonderful butters I have acquired in the past few months and the rolls will be a great vehicle. We also always do a big pot of chili over the week of Christmas to enjoy between slices of pie and the cornbread will also be thoroughly coated.

      2. As long as my HDL and my LDL stay at the great levels they're at...
        I'll be buttering my bread. A crusty baguette or French roll right out of the oven with butter and strawberry jam is my version of nirvana.

        1. DH is one of those who has a "little roll with his butter", as my mother used to say.
          I love butter on any kind of roll, muffin or cornbread, but it can be just a little schmear.

          1. rolls and things like cornbread..........yes....butter!.....but a lot of breads....plain or with maybe a little olive oil