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Dec 17, 2012 06:27 PM

Balinese suckling pig

Having returned from Bali recently, I started hunting for Indonesian restaurants that specialize in Balinese cuisine (both in the Bay Area and in L.A. where I visit frequently). Finding that most if not all Indonesian restaurants serve Halal meats and no pork. Am craving Balinese suckling pig ( Babi Gulung). Will make it myself on my rotisserie BBQ when the weather get better but meanwhile HELP!

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  1. as you learned from your visit there, Bali is distinct culturally from the biggest islands (considering area or population) in the archipelago. we're not going to get equal representation in terms of restaurants and such from all the ethnic groups from such a diverse place -- folks emigrate for different reasons and at different rates, and culturally some gravitate to cooking as a trade more than others too. have fun re-creating the babi gulung.