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Dec 17, 2012 05:58 PM

Silly Question Probably...Westvleteren XII Available Anywhere?

I know, this may be the hardest to find product in this entire country, possibly ever. For those who aren't familiar, it's a craft beer from Belgium that is produced by monks. It's often called the finest beer in all the world. It's sold by appointment only at the abbey and reservations aren't easy to come by. Evidently, the abbey is in need of substantial repair so the monks decided to release a limited amount of special six-packs sold with two glasses for $85 retail. I have zero hope of finding some a week after release but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. Anyone see it?

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  1. I got my six-pack at craft beer cellar in belmont. I had entered a lottery a while ago to be able to buy it and they called me a couple weeks ago saying that I had been chosen. I believe the last day for people who were selected to buy one is tomorrow. That being said, I don't know what they're doing with the ones that people didn't claim but it's worth a shot to call them!

    1. Yeah, I think it is all gone. Most people who entered the craft beer cellar lottery got picked, and it seemed like they got more than anyone else.

      The beer is superb, and it's probably worth the high price if you've never had it, but it's still a bit of a novelty. "Best beer in the world" is kind of a joke.

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        I bought some bottles of '04 on the grey market a while back (just had another one after thanksgiving dinner!). I found that it was definitely not worth the hooplah and certainly not the price I paid ($30ish a bottle). Considering that I can go down to the local liquor store and grab a Rochefort or St Bernardus that are fairly reasonable facsimiles for not a whole lot of money it did not stand up to the hype at all.

        That said, it was a good beer.

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          Funny, one of the owners of Craft Beer Cellar told me that she doesn't think Westie is all that great and thinks St. Bernardus is just as good.

          1. re: DoubleMan

            As with all of the ultra-rare beers, it is hard to discern accurately how much of the good flavor is really in the beer or your brain making it seem that way.

            Mine are starting to get overly oxidized now so it's tough to compare but my memory of the fresher ones was that it seemed more complex than bernardus & rochefort but not by much.

      2. Julio's and Redstone got it as well.

        1. There were 4 retailers for this in MA last week:

          Craft Beer Cellar, Belmont (Boston)
          Provisions, Northampton
          Redstone Liquors, Stoneham
          Julio’s, Westborough

          I know Julio's and Redstone sold out of theirs. Craft beer Cellar had an initial lottery, and when many voluntarily bowed out, had a second lottery. I believe they tweeted if any of the lottery winners did not pick them up by last night, they would be available for sale today. I would give them a call.

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            You're off by 1 day...original lottery winners have until end of business tonight to pick up their boxes before they go on sale to the public tomorrow, I think.