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Dec 17, 2012 05:54 PM

Best place to buy Northern Italian Wines

My husband really likes the white wines from the Friuli and Alto Adige regions. Most stores have a very limited selection of whites from that area. We've been to Biondivino on Green St. in San Francisco, but I was wondering if there are other stores with a varied Italian wine selection. We live in Marin, but are willing to travel. Thanks!

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  1. Have you checked with K&L Wines? They have a store on 4th Street in San Francisco. You could also check their inventory online at:

    It looks like they carry over 30 white wines from Northern Italy.

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      K&L has some direct imports that are particularly good values. Blason from the Friuli sub-region Isonzo is one. Quality varies from vintage to vintage and sometimes they run out in between.

      1. Biondivino probably has the biggest selection.

        Other places with good selections of northern Italian whites in SF include Enoteca Vino Nostro and the Jug Shop (both near Biondivino), Arlequin, K&L (you can shop the full inventory online & pick up in the store), D&M, and SF Wine Trading Co.

        In the East Bay, Paul Marcus, Solano Cellars, Vintage Berkeley, and Premier Cru.

        If you like Friuli wines, you should check out wines from Slovenia and Croatia.

        1. Vino Rosso has a limited selection, but I see some Friuli and Alto Adige labels on their list:

          1. Wow - thanks to all of you for your great answers. I think I'm going to take a buying trip to K & L on Friday!

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              I would suggest looking at K & L's site beforehand. The stock varies in the different stores but you can see the complete inventory online and arrange for the wines you want to be consolidated in San Francisco. There can be things in online inventory available at the warehouse that are not yet on the retail floor.

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                I know little to nothing about Italian wines, but North Berkeley has a nice selection and is quite knowledgeable and always steers me in the right direction.

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                  North Berkeley has only a handful of Friuli whites from two wineries. They're like Kermit, a retail outlet for an importer. Anything they carry you might find discounted elsewhere.