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Dec 17, 2012 05:22 PM

date night for former New Yorkers

Looking for dinner suggestions for a date night dinner with dh, but not break the bank. Did La grenouille last year for our 10th anniversary (we married in our 40's--you can do the math from there), and looking for something more casual and less pricey. Among our favorites is Wallse, but we are staying with my father on the UES (and he is babysitting!), so we don't want to take an hour just to get to dinner and push our luck. Also, this is a Sunday before Christmas, so that may limit our options--and we have left it to the last minute. Any cuisine but Asian (not DH's favorite), and a reasonable decibel level (I know, all the trendy places turn up the volume), but not full of Q tips (as my mother used to refer to the ladies of a certain age close to her own!) which is so prevalent on the UES.

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  1. Felidia
    Boulud Sud
    The Modern Bar Room or Dining Room

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    1. re: H Manning

      Thanks. I went to Felidia ages ago, didn't love it. We did Bar Boulud and DB Bistro on the last two visits, so thought we would try outside the Boulud Empire. Haven't been to the Modern in years, that could be fun...I don't remember it being particularly warm in atmosphere, however...

      1. re: bawc

        Just checked. The dining room is not open on Sunday, but the Bar is open and available. Is the food as good? I am a fan of Danny Meyer's restaurants

        1. re: bawc

          It is very good, but more casual and small plates. It does get a little bit noisy, but it wasn't too bad early on a Sunday a few weeks ago. It is definitely modern and sleek in atmosphere.

    2. Rouge Tomate is a beautiful room with tables set far enough apart for a romantic date. the food is quite nice too. and if you are lucky,you can make a reservation thru Savored-and get a discount. Definitely UES - 5 th avenue and 60 th

      1. Pure and simple:
        La Silhouette

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          1. re: rrems

            Many of these restaurants are closed on Sunday, unfortunately...

        1. Dovetail - UWS but probably very doable and it hits all your other points. Opentable showing availibility for 6:15 and 8:00 for Sunday.

          Great food, pretty room, quiet for conversation.

          And FWIW - Modern Bar Room, great food but defeaning when full.

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          1. re: Spiritchaser

            I must have misread Silhouette.
            Been to dovetail, didn't love it. I found it stuffy, without the grace of La grenouille.

            1. re: bawc

              You found Dovetail "stuffy"? Wow...

          2. I really like Paola's on madison in the 90's. Food is excellent and it's classic & intimate.