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Best veggie burgers in Boston?

Just curious what are some of the best veggie burgers across town (Boston/Cambridge/Somerville)?

I think my top 3 lately are:
• Veggie Galaxy's chickpea mushroom burger. Usually change around which 3 toppings to put on it.
• Silvertone. Very impressed by their food.
• Middle East. It's somewhere between a falafel and a veggie burger.


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  1. Mead Hall has a really good one. It's made with farro and is served with a tatziki topping on a brioche roll with either fries or a salad. One of my favorites!

      1. Best veggie burgers are at:

        1. Hillstone--See the New York Times article about it.
        2. The Druid. Juicy and delicious.

        1. Audubon Circle always had a very good black bean burger.

          1. I'm currently into the mushroom burger at Grass Fed. Also like the veggie burger at Audubon.

            1. Not a light option, but the homemade standard version at Christopher's in Porter Sq makes it a destination for us - they have rotating special ones as well, but none has been as good as the original - it comes with pesto, roasted red pepper, and salad AND fries (which are pretty good steak-version as well) for well under $10.

                1. While I eat only the meat versions, a vegetarian friend of ours loves the veggie burger at The Publick House.

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                    In the interim of this post and the thread resurfacing, I tried it - thanks to your mention - and enjoyed it a lot! Cheers!


                  2. My almost vegetarian friend swears by the veggie burger at Abigail's in Kendall Sq. She can't order anything else when she goes.

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                      That Abigail's veggie burger is totally addictive.

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                        Abigails is good. I also like the Bukowski/Lower Depths one. Just had the veggie burger at jm Curley and liked it.

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                          I just discovered the JM Curley veggie burger and wanted to find this thread to give it a +1. It's thin and really crispy (do they dump it in the fryer?) - probably the best texture I've seen on a veggie burger. The burger/bun ratio is way off, but that bothers me less on a veggie burger.

                      2. +1 for Christopher's and Hillstone -- both are great, though Hillstone's is grossly overpriced.

                        The one at Highland Kitchen is tasty but it has that problem that veggie burgers often do -- it's way too mushy and never stays in the bun.

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                          The Hillstone burger is expensive, but worth every penny.

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                            Agreed. Worth it as far as truly exceptional veggies burgers go.

                            I'm a die-hard falafel and chickpea lover, but I'm getting pretty sick of the number of veggie burgers that are chickpea based and tasting like a bad, dried out falafel.

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                              Yes! Also sick of dried out black bean burgers too!

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                            I agree with the OP on the Veggie Galaxy chickpea mushroom burger as being my current favorite.

                            It's nice there are more options in this category. it used to be "is the veggie burger made in house or is it a boca patty"? Now there are actual creative options at many places.

                            I think the Highland burger just tastes like a hunk of black beans without much else going on.

                            The Hillstone burger is tasty, but a bit too Cheesecake factory big and overdone for my liking. I'm not a vegetarian, so while I know that thinking vegetarian food is all healthy is incorrect, I do generally choose a veg option because in my mind it is a bit better for me. With all the cheese, mayo and portion size on the Hillstone burger, I feel like I might as well have their awesome french dip or the like.

                          3. The Druid in Inman Square. I love, love their veggie burger.

                            1. +1 for The Druid in Inman Square.

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                              1. Veggie Galaxy's black bean burger is really good, but my favorite in Boston so far is Hillstone's - so sloppy and delicious!

                                1. After ordering the veggie burger at a work dinner at a Cheesecake Factory in Houston earlier this year, the waitress asked, "how would you like that cooked?"

                                  I stared at her blankly for a minute before replying, "medium-well." I hate to think of what rare would've gotten me.

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                                  1. Have to add to my first list of 3:
                                    • Deep Ellum. Seitan-based on a quality roll, served with rather good French fries.


                                    1. We had a great one at Root about a year ago. We've bee meaningto get back, but haven't made it yet. Hopefully it's still good.

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                                        I've long been a fan of Root, but was disappointed during a recent visit on a Friday night after not stopping by in a few months. Everything coming out of the fryer was overcooked and/or just shy of burnt and the food didn't have the seasoning we were used to. They were also out of a few of the sauces.

                                        I think their burger is their best item, so I'm hoping this was just an off night. Would love to hear anyone else's recent experiences.

                                        FoMu, as always, was delicious!