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Dec 17, 2012 05:17 PM

Best veggie burgers in Boston?

Just curious what are some of the best veggie burgers across town (Boston/Cambridge/Somerville)?

I think my top 3 lately are:
• Veggie Galaxy's chickpea mushroom burger. Usually change around which 3 toppings to put on it.
• Silvertone. Very impressed by their food.
• Middle East. It's somewhere between a falafel and a veggie burger.

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  1. Mead Hall has a really good one. It's made with farro and is served with a tatziki topping on a brioche roll with either fries or a salad. One of my favorites!

      1. Best veggie burgers are at:

        1. Hillstone--See the New York Times article about it.
        2. The Druid. Juicy and delicious.

        1. Audubon Circle always had a very good black bean burger.

          1. I'm currently into the mushroom burger at Grass Fed. Also like the veggie burger at Audubon.