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Dec 17, 2012 04:58 PM


40 years ago, my Dad used to buy fresh pastas and Linguica sausage that he used in our spaghetti sauce from the Star Delicatessen on Castro Street in Mountain View California. They are long gone but I still remember the sausage which made my Dad's sauce unique. Anyone remember the Star Delicatessen and/or the linguica sausage and have any idea who used to make the sausage and where I could get some today? I have tried lots (Silva, Michaels, Gaspar, Neto) but none seem to be the same as I remember.


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  1. It was probably Santos, which closed in 2000 after the owner murdered three USDA and state inspectors.

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      Do you recall what made Santos linguiƧa unique? Top Dog used to sell them.

    2. Have you tried Fernandes? It's my favorite but not easy to find. Here's more info and also a rec for Goularte's:

      1. Have you tried Taylor's (they are in Old Oakland)?

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