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Dec 17, 2012 04:51 PM

Cadillac Margarita

I'm looking for a margarita recipe for a 60oz margarita glass I bought!

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  1. This is the Margarita glass I bought

    1. lol, that thing is huge.

      I was going to give you a different recipe until I I read your post. 60oz is a different type of margarita.

      My "party" margarita recipe, which you can easily make at any state of sobriety . . . .

      1 frozen "can" of limeade
      tequila (even with a party recipe I go for 100% agave)
      triple sec

      cut limeade in half (put second 1/2 in freezer for round 2)

      put limeade concentrate in blender but don't through out the cardboard yet, you need it to finish the blender off

      fill the 1/2 limeade container with tequila - put in blender

      half fill the container with triple sec - put in blender

      fill blender with ice



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      1. re: thimes

        I'm actually looking for a on the rocks recipe sorry

      2. That will hold about 12-15 craft cocktail-sized Margaritas. So you will either have a HUGE amount of alcohol in that glass, or a very watery drink.

        You could scale up a standard recipe of your choice and put in 6 straws for all your friends to share. Drink fast as you will have a double-sized drink to get through before it gets warm. Search for Margarita threads. There's no point in starting another "best Margarita" pissing match; this forum already has several.

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        1. re: EvergreenDan

          Dan, your evil, censoring ways have no place here in this moderated forum.

          By far the best on-the-rocks 60oz Margarita recipe that I've ever created follows...

          A) In glass combine 3/4 bottle of Jose Cuervo (go for the Gold!), 1/2 bottle triple sec (don't use that expensive Cointreau crap), 1/2 bottle imitation lime juice (but only if it comes in a plastic lime -- otherwise disregard). If you have some a splash of OJ wouldn't hurt. If you don't have any OJ feel free to substitute a splash of milk. Since they're both consumed at breakfast it should be a fair swap.

          B) Top up with Bud Lite, Natural Light, or -- if you're feeling spendy -- MGD. Make sure to use bottles, not cans. We're not trying to create some dirty hipster drink.

          C) Fill glass with rocks. These can be from a river or from your freezer depending on your mood. Feel free to customize this part.

          D) Shake.

          E) Clean yourself up. You're now covered in a foamy mess.


          1. re: davis_sq_pro

            Pure gold. Entering recipe in KC now.... ;)