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Dec 17, 2012 04:30 PM

Monthly produce delivery boxes as gift -is there such a thing? [Madison, WI]

This may be a bit out there, but, I'm wondering if there are any local farm programs in Madison that deliver boxes of produce to houses that one can subscribe to, like a fruit-of-the-month sort of thing?

I've gotten wine clubs and exotic fruit-of-the-month as a gift for my folks. I have no interest in fruit-of-the-month from places like Harry and David --how many perfectly waxed apples can one eat?

What I thought would be nice would be a produce-of-the-month club (not just fruit), supplied by local organic (ideally) farms, maybe as a small box with variety each month.

This may be wishful thinking --produce like greens are more perishable, and a box that is not too much for 2 people may not be economical from the supplier perspective. Nonetheless, no harm in asking. Is anyone aware of such a possibility in Madison? I read about something called the Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture, but that seems much more involved, and requiring pick-up at pretty inconvenient places. (I think my mom has significantly reduced her visits to the farmers market as the crowd and traffic have become annoying.)


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  1. Different CSAs (Community-Supported Agriculture, perhaps not the same CSA you're referring to but certainly the more colloquial one) have pick-ups at many different places, and they're designed to be convenient -- though I guess I don't know where you live; perhaps equidistant from every CSA's pick-up spots.

    Regardless, delivery is going to be a big reach because farms are already strapped for infrastructure between the CSA deliveries and farmers' market transportation. Shop around for a CSA that has the most convenient pick-up. REAP Food Group and FairShare Coalition (formerly MACSAC) have handy lists.



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      Thanks. They live near west side. The one list of CSA pickups I saw (don't recall which) were generally on the edges of Madison, which is not helpful for my purpose.

    2. In the Metro Detroit area we have a company called Door to Door Organics that provides home delivery of very customizable boxes of fruit and vegetables. I did a quick search and didn't see anything in Madison. Drop them a line and see if they have plans for your area, at the least it would let them know there is interest. Myself and several friends/co-workers use the service and we are all very satisfied.

      1. Mark,

        We used Harmony Valley as our produce CSA but, as you have found, that is a pickup situation.

        AND we found that a half share was more than we could keep up with!

        While I don't have an answer, I do have a suggestion.

        If any organization would know about this type of service, it would be Willy Street Coop. I would give them a buzz.

        1. Ruegsegger Farms. Below are the websites...they are related/sister sites. I know they deliver. Good luck.