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Dec 17, 2012 04:30 PM

SGV 2012 - trends, most significant opening, biggest loss?

What do CHers familiar with the 626 scene think was the most significant opening, biggest departure (IOW, what place that closed do you think was the biggest/most significant loss to the area?). And, what about area trends for the year?

Any input and discussion will be appreciated. Full disclosure, this is for an article. The cumulative info will appear as an overview without direct quotes (sorry about that, that even applies to folks I'm asking specifically and individually!).

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  1. I'm still mourning the loss of Pho Minh, but Kim Ky Noodle House in it's spot aint bad.

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    1. re: ns1

      the shop is kim kee, not kim ky. different shops

    2. Offhand I can't think of really major openings (compared to, say Shaanxi Gourmet and Shanghai Seafood Village #1 in 2011). Perhaps geographic trends are more notable, i.e., places from the southern area opening branches in the SGV and the eastward march of the SGV towards Temple City, West Covina and Rowland Heights.

      1. This year was pretty middling. I have to say Curry Plu$ BBQ was the most surprising new find. They make a damn good Macau roast pork and Cantonese style char siu.

        1. Biggest loss for me by far was Yummy Yummy Seafood Buffet in El Monte.

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              No, really. Where else could you get AYCE beef dumplings? Probably the only time in the history of mankind.

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                Why would one need/want AYCE dumplings? You don't even look like you eat much, chandav.

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                  David's gaunt appearance is exactly why he *needs* an AYCE dumpling option ...