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Dec 17, 2012 04:04 PM

Lil' Baci Yonge Street

Just wanted to do a short review of Lil' Baci Yonge Street. I have been for both brunch and dinner, and will be returning this week for lunch. It is that good. I enjoyed the dinner menu better than the brunch. The brussel sprout pizza is awesome. I usually do not enjoy truffle oil on anything - but it is done with a very light touch on the pizza . The service was outstanding on both visits. We love Nick. If you can sit in his area, do so! Reservations are available on opentable, which I find really convenient.

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  1. I've enjoyed their location on Queen East so I'm glad to hear that the new Davisville location is keeping up its end.
    It's interesting to see Leslieville/Riverside locations branching out across the city.

    1. if you haven't try the hero and the pancetta panino.

      1. Completely agree, that brussel sprout pizza is amazing. I wish they served it at their Queen St location.

        1. Unfortunately I had a rather lackluster visit.

          Super oily pizza, bad service, awkward seating arrangement, weird moldy smell upstairs in the bathrooms, cold temperature in the dining room... I could go on.

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            That not good! The dining room does get quite cold because of the location of the door and the traffic in and out of the place. The pizza that I had wasn't oily at all and the service was good - maybe an off night? Let's hope.

          2. I had a very enjoyable meal here for dinner. It was one of their specials: crispy duck breast and risotto. It was delicious. Our server was great but the food did not come out at the same time. We were a party of six and five of the meals came out before mine. I would say mine came out 5 to 10 minutes later with a slight apology. I thought something more should have been done. It was worth the wait though! I do remember thinking it was a bit chilly in the restaurant, but I am often cold when others aren't so didn't think anything of it. I will return as I think the food is great and the prices are reasonable.