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Dec 17, 2012 03:08 PM

Heading into Richmond tomorrow for dinner

Would love a good BBQ place as I'd think that would be my best bet; 2nd option would be a good Latin/tapas/empanada spot

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  1. Lots of choices. Richmond is a great food town. Barbecue isn't as good as it should be, but Buz and Ned's

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      Thanks. I didnt' have an opportunity to see any responses as my post was the night before and I headed out early next morning. I arrived in Richmond and did a bee-line for Alamo and it was nothing that I couldn't get up here in Joisey. The St. Louis ribs (which I didn't want slathered) were extremely dry (last nite's reheated) - they do have some nice sauces. The Jalopena mac & cheese that they serve is barely passable. Not even good. My local Q spot at the Jersey shore blows this place away, though it was a nice warm winter's day and I sat outside (away from the awning) to have my lunch. Dinner was another story as I stayed in the East end (Church Hill district?) and ate at the Roosevelt. Now, that was nice. Dined at the bar and Thomas mixes up a fine cocktail. I had a handful of Danville Wallbangers, enjoyed the company of a local sitting next to me, and tried some small dishes (fried oyster special with a remoulade and their pork porchetta in tuna sauce). When asked about some sweet, I opted for their rasberry/blueberry pie which was down home outstanding and a nice fresh brew (strong). The Roosevelt is just the type of place I look for when away from home - spot on creative food, a good bartender - Thomsas, you are top shelf, and ambience (that old former pharmacy is nice with good background music). The Roosevelt is indeed a gem tucked away as it is in that neighborhood. I do love Richmond (come down once a year and love your city) - you just don't do BBQ as well as I thought you could --- being that far below the Mason-Dixon line ;-)