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Dec 17, 2012 02:46 PM

Seeking the best holiday pies

Hi Friends,
I know I am a little last minute but I am in charge of bringing the pies to my family's Xmas dinner. I live in Chicago and my family is in Arlington Heights. However, I am willing to travel :) I tried Hoosier Mama and they are already booked. For Thanksgiving, I also missed Hoosier Mama's window and missed it. So, we went with First Slice in Ravenswood and were quite disappointed. My family loves banana cream pie! I was hoping to get a few pies but definitely including banana cream. Any ideas on bakeries known for pies.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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  1. Bang Bang Pie in Wicker Park has a limited selection, but the quality is quite high. A couple bucks more than Hoosier Mama in most cases.

    If you call in advance, you might be able to talk them into making some banana cream pies.

    For a backup in a more convenient location, M Belle's in Long Grove would be pretty good.

    1. Cannot second Bang Bang Pie enough -- but camusman is right, the selection may be limited. For Thanksgiving, they accepted pre-orders - I imagine they are doing the same for Christmas, though they could be (pre)sold out already.

      Both shops, though, do make extra pies for day-of (or day before) sales. I picked up my *stunning* apple crumble from Bang Bang on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving -- I got there when they opened at 7 and there were already ~12 people in line. I don't know how long they lasted. They also have biscuits available by the half-dozen.

      For what it's worth, Bang Bang uses lard so if you want a vegetarian pie, look elsewhere.

      ETA: Checking now, they are out of pre-orders:
      Yes, you heard correctly. We're all full for Christmas preorders but we will have lots of extra pickups dec 21-24 for first come first serve
      (via Twitter)

      For Christmas, looks like they will be making the following:
      yes we will have gingerbread, Choc pecan, eggnog cream, and pear brandy mince!
      (also via Twitter)