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Dec 17, 2012 01:37 PM

The Little Paris Kitchen

Has anyone seen this show? Rachel Khoo cooks simple French dishes in her flat's tiny kitchen. It was like taking a cooking class in someone's home. I happened on it last week on The Cooking Channel and I really, really enjoyed it.

Of course, I can't find it in the listings this week. CC must have teed up the wrong show (it was on at French Food at Home's usual time) or, they're teasing me. I hope I can find it again.

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  1. I think she has/had a blog for several years -- you might find something there.

    1. I've been sort of watching it, mainly because it comes on after some other shows I watch on Saturdays. It's OK. It hasn't been really drawing me in. She's cute though.

      1. I have seen a couple of episodes and it's an enjoyable show. I am glad to have something new to watch on CC.

        It's a BBC production.

        It looks like CC is airing it on Friday in the French Food at Home time slot (12:30p Eastern) and on Saturday at 2:30p Eastern.

        1. I watched it when it was first shown earlier in the year. Thought it was OK but, as often with these sort of programmes, a bit stylised. I doubt whether even moderately keen cooks are going to learn anything here.