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Dec 17, 2012 01:28 PM

Where can I get the dish Hangtown Fry in Boston?

I enjoyed it in SF and would like to sample it in Boston. Please help!

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  1. OK I'll bite, what's Hangtown Fry?

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    1. re: treb

      A very tasty scramble of lightly breaded and pan fried oysters in bacon fat and tossed with beaten eggs, bacon and a splash of Tabasco. Muy sabroso! I had it at TadichGrill in SF.

      1. re: UmamiBreath

        Likewise I've had hangtown fry at Tadich Grill in SF several times, and relished it each time. (What a great tradition Tadich has!) One would think that with our fine oysters we would see a lot more hangtown fry around here. As an earlier poster suggested I'd love for Sewall at Island Creek Oyster Bar to feature it on the regular, at least on his Sunday brunch menu.

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        This link leads to some good info on the topic:

      3. I would be very surprised if you were to find this dish in Boston. Pretty easy to make yourself, though.

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        1. re: pikawicca

          I do make it but I was looking for a local cheffy take on this dish. Jeremy Sewall of ICOH would be the guy I would think to be most appropriate. Angels on a Horseback would be a nice addition too!

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            It is a California dish, but prepare to be surprised! Granary Tavern offers Hangtown Fry at brunch on Saturdays and Sundays and the Gallows in the South End offers a Hangtown burger with fried oysters and a fried egg every day. Skipjack's may also have it on their Sunday brunch. Enjoy!

          2. Hangtown Fry is to SF what baked beans + brown bread are to Boston... one of those iconic dishes that you'll find at old touristy restaurants. I doubt you'll find it anywhere here.

            1. If you want to see photos and read a little bit more about it, it's featured in the Saveur 100 this month, as are Angels on Horseback.

              1. Neptune oyster serves a burger with fried oysters but no egg and also "neptunes on horseback", fried oysters on top of Berkshire pork.

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