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Food delivery or good prepared food in Tucson?

We will be visiting my mother-in-law in Tucson after Christmas and would like to arrange for periodic meal delivery for her. I've looked online and all I can find are services that will deliver from restaurants, which is not really what we're looking for. We have several services here in the SF Bay Area that will deliver either pre-cooked meals to be reheated, or meals for which you can complete the cooking yourself -- is there a service that does this in Tucson?

Alternately, where are the best places to shop for delicious foods we could freeze in single portions for her? I'm thinking main dishes, soups, lasagne, tamales, etc.

Grateful in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. I don't live in Tucson, so can't give a specific suggestion.

    But each political Ward has an office in the Ward, you can find in the Tucson City Directory, or phone book, and a call might result in a referral to a "Meals on Wheels" local provider.

    Also, many larger churches, especially those in "senior citizen" areas, have a Parish Nurse, Social Worker, or the like on their staff. A call to a local church or the like will likely result in a few leads.

    I live in Green Valley, south of Tucson, and the local Independent Living facility provides Meals on Wheels delivered by volunteers to those unable to do their own cooking. There must be a similar organization in Tucson, I would think.

    Good Luck!

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      So sorry, should have mentioned that we're not looking for a Meals On Wheels-type thing -- she is mobile and can shop and cook. We're just trying to make things easier and more delicious on occasion! :)

    2. Do a search for "personal chefs" in Tucson and you'll find a number of them listed. I imagine they can accommodate you with either pre-cooked or partially prepared meals.

      There are also several Trader Joe's in town with lots of frozen choices, ready-to-eat selections, and easy-to-prepare packaged foods.

      1. I work at Tucson Medical Center, and they definitely contribute to a meals-on-wheels type of plan. I will find out what one it is tomorow and let you know.

        1. You can buy tamales frozen at the Tucson Tamale company....20 plus varieties

          Tony's Deli has frozen homemade Italian meals and has bulk meat deals

          ROMA Imports is better...tons of homemade Italian, Indian, Thai, etc. melas in the freezer section and while you are there you must get a sub.

          Chef Alisha sells their bosnian sausages frozen in bulk

          None of these deliver, but you can stock her up before you leave




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            Thank you sooo much, christyar! This is exactly what I was looking for! Perfect!


          2. A couple of years ago, some friends used to order meals from a lady called Chef Jane who did home delivery of healthy, restaurant-style food. They said she was really good. If you're still looking, she might be worth seeking out.

            1. Hmmmmmm. I just have no idea what services are available in Tucson. Is there an area-wide "Information" telephone number like the 211 we have here?
              I didn't read the the thread, so you may see this suggestion over and over, but the ready-to-eat counter at Whole Foods, if they have one there, has delicious stuff, from lasagna to tamales to already-cooked tenderloin steaks. You could make so many meals from there - or any other well-appointed store. Another choice might be Trader Joe's. Good Luck.

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                Thank you!! That's exactly what I'd do here at home, didn't know if Whole Checkbook and TJs were as well regarded there.

                I think I have a great stable of things to try -- thanks everyone!!


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                  I have in-laws in Tucson and I was looking for similar information. This is what I found. http://prepared-meal-delivery.blogspo...