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Dec 17, 2012 01:11 PM

Jules' BBQ -- Leesburg- good stuff

OK, This is not a huge post, but, we found this guy with his smoklng grill near the Leesburg outlet. He is in the parking lot of the Consignment Furniture store on Rte 7 (nearby but NOT AT) the outlet mall -- in THIS parking lot --->>>

We ordered ribs, jerk chicken and pulled pork. Based on the ribs alone, I suggest that you get there and try this guy. (We we're coming west on Rte 7. and missed the first outlet exit, so saw this place on the north side of Rte. 7, before the Rte 15 split for North and South) just before Leesburg proper.

We had to take our order to go for later. So, this was yesterday. Today, we had some ribs -- even cold, we LOVED them. We are anxious to try the Jerk and the Pulled Pork we also got.

Ribs were nicely smoked, and the sauce was not too sweet or sour...very nice...the texture was tender but with a nice chew off the bone, so no rubber pork. It reminds me of the good pork ribs I used to have in Florida, when my cousin had the smoker, and would go to family events.....Meaty, but not fatty.

I am so happy that he does smoked chicken (called "BBQ chicken"), but he was out of that. We got the jerk chicken, and I haven't tried that yet. Will post back. This morning, I ate a couple of room temp ribs that I'd taken out of the fridge. I said "YEAH!"with my first bite, and was HAPPY! Mr. Alka loved the ribs with the very first bite, same way. He simply murmured "Yum" and he was right. He was impressed, and that is a big deal, even to me, because Mr. Alka did not grow up with good smoked ribs.

Jules starts at 8 a.m. He also has a place in Sterling, he says. He was alone (an anomaly, perhaps?), so it took a while for him to fulfill our order after a couple of people (repeats) before us. I think he has a helper sometimes. He smokes the meat overnight, so that you can be ready to go at 8 a.m. WEEKENDS ONLY.

The sides are a a red beans and rice and some cooked cabbage dish. The beans are good and Mr. Alka liked the cabbage thing very much. To me, I would prefer some cole slaw, but his set-up isn't really conducive to that cold stuff. (He is working out of a little trailer and his van).

$17.50 for a half slab
$10 for half chicken
$10 BBQ pulled pork.


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  1. Just ate some of the jerk chicken for dinner. It was moist and flavorful, but far from "jerk" Caribbean-style. I suspect it has been neutered in some bow to allegedly "American" tastes. It wasn't even as hot as a jalapeƱo popper -- in fact, not even close. It wasn't hot at all.

    It really didn't have much of a smoke flavor, either, but I don't know if that's how he prepared it (i.e., a nice slow smoke). It had a little bit of dark "jerk" sauce that he kept it in on the grill pan. It was pretty herb ally-driven, in my guestimation...but the herbal kick ar tiwst had been cooked in a long simmer of the sauce, I guess.

    Bottom line, it was tasty, but I'm not going to get it if I want a real jerk chicken taste or even a smoked chicken taste. (PS, my standard for jerk flavoring is the superb recipe for "Rasta Ribs" from Steve Raichlen's "BBQ BIble").

    After eating some straight up, I zapped some fresh spinach, shredded the chicken over top with a drizzle of salad dressing, and quite enjoyed it. Certainly better than any rotisserie chicken offerings by a long shot.

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      I guess Steve didn't know that Rastafarians don't eat meat.

      1. re: flavrmeistr

        are rastafarians the only ones who make jerk?

    2. Sounds a whole lot like the setup at Double D. Have you made it there and can you compare? Either way this sounds like it's a worthwhile mission to check out.