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Restaurants Open Christmas Eve?

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The title of this post says it all: does anyone know of any restaurants open on Christmas Eve in the 514 area?


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  1. Most Asian restaurants.

    1. I went to Mechant Boeuf last Christmas eve. It was only ok.

      1. Without anything specific in mind, I would check out the bistro's (Lemeac, l'Express, Continental, Holder) those are almost always opened. Otherwise, Hotel restaurants would also be opened

        1. Restaurants at the Casino are also open

          1. Aix, Alexandre, Atelier d'Argentine, Auberge Saint Gabriel, Baton Rouge on Sainte Catherine, Bevo, Bonaparte, Casa de Mateo, Chez Queue, Couploe, Gibby's, Laurie Raphael, L'Epicier, Leveque, Mechant Boeuf, Milos, Modavie, Mythos, Ofelia, Renoir, Rueben's, Solmar, Taj, Taverne Gaspar, Verses and Vieux Port Steakhouse.

            Lemeac and L'Express are open only for lunch on the 24th (as are a bunch of other places I didn't bother mentioning). Le Continental and Holder are completely closed.