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Dec 17, 2012 12:31 PM

Melvin's trailer of house cured meats - other site's reviews are 5/5

I spied this trailer on north loop and regretted having already eaten lunch - I will try the pastrami tomorrow. Can't be much more excited to find a shop in town that busts out their own meat cures. Easy tiger isn't bad, but this place may just take the cake in this deli-desert of a town.

Any reports? I will do so and take pictures tomorrow.

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  1. "Seared Pork Belly Confit w/ Brie and mustard greens in vinaigrette"

    have mercy!

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      and...The Mezeluri: Double decker sandwich with ¼ lb each of roast beef, pastrami, ham,
      & corned beef, w/ bacon, provolone, Swiss, and cheddar cheeses on toasted white bread.
      Served w/Heirloom tomato, lettuce & house mustard & mayo, $20.00

      4.5 hr and I'm there. I have really high hopes.

    2. I don't need to tell you folks a bit about how good this warm pastrami sammie was on soft multigrain with house made hot mustard and two thick slices of swiss. Just check the photo, and head over. About 15 people were there while we were today, and they ran out of corned beef before 11:30 since call-aheads snagged it ala carte. Nice smokey touch too in the meat.

      Oh, and they sell Tab cola, FYI. Right on....

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      1. Update, I've now had the corned beef, pastrami, and croque monsieur - all house made meats. All really good sandwiches. I do urge everyone to check this place out. Despite doubling their output for the new year, they still sell out of the corned beef and pastrami fast. So I'd get there at 11 to 11:30 and call ahead if you're dying for those. Not for the fat intolerant !!

        The CM was wonderful and rich. A nice ham / mustard interior (the ham is stellar) and lovely swiss on top with a thin underlayment of bechamel. Better than Whip In's version by a long shot. Great bread too!

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        1. re: slowcoooked

          I thought the meats there were tender and had the right consistency. the pastrami could pack more of a punch but all in all i think it's top tier austin deli food.

          There are several things on the menu i want to try. Personally, I feel this sort of food is hamstrung by the limitations of a trailer more than some others. I'm rooting for them.

          1. re: ieathereforeiam

            I agree, I asked them on my last visit about a brick and mortar and they laughed and said "as soon as someone puts up the money".

        2. We ordered 5 sandwiches to go at 10:50 today and when we picked up at 11:10 there was no line. of course, it was cold and misty out. The pastrami is very nice, but the mustard is too hot for me, I'd ask for a more mild one next time. Definitely a keeper. Noble Pig still is first, but for a more purist menu this can't be beat.

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          1. re: Carter B.

            Actually the first of three sandwiches I had there was the pastrami with the house mustard. Both of us found it flavorful but didn't like the sort of heartburn-esque esophageal irritation for 15 min. after. I've since asked for the other mustard (a stout based) and enjoyed it more. I like the idea of house mustard, but would offer a simple version along with the kicked up stuff. The meat really doesn't need an overly spiced mustard.

          2. Looks like Mike Sutter has finally found Melvin's. Any meat sandwich loving 'hound around here that hasn't tried their pastrami or corned beef needs to.