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Dec 17, 2012 11:32 AM

smashed bread

On the way home from the grocery store i had to swerve and slam on the brakes to avoid a boy chasing a basket ball which had rolled into the street (chased by an adult - eyes wide with panic). The child and basketball both survived.

When I got home I found that 4 loaves of bread (on sale 2 loaves for 4.50) in the trunk had not survived. The other groceries had spilled on top of them mashing and mangling them. I saved about 1/3 of each loaf. The rest is pretty flattened, a bit torn, but the bags didn't puncture so the bread isn't dirty, and I hate throwing brand new food away. Any suggestions what to do with it? Would it make decent bread crumbs? Bread pudding?

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  1. It will definitely make good bread crumbs. Bread pudding should be fine too.

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      French toast casserole would be good too, even with smashed torn bread

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        Or a savory version with spinach and eggs

    2. Strata, "Cheese, Bread and Egg" (Joy of Cooking), croutons come to mind. So does a memory of a pampered chef product that flattened the bread and turned it into turnovers, if the bread isn't too torn it would still work!

      1. thanks all. i divided the really mangled and partially mangled, about 1/3 really and 2/3 partial. The totally mangled is gonna be meatloaf one of these days soon. The partially mangled will be "panini" style sandwiches, french toast, etc. Appreciate the input.

        1. Strangely, the first thing that came to mind, after your very close call, would be to take all the bread and take a friend and feed it to the ducks.
          Everyone was so lucky.

          1. Well...ask my kids, and it's just perfect to eat the way it is. They LOVE squished baked goods (as, I guess I'll admit it, do it LOL!)