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Dec 17, 2012 10:24 AM

in need on an Xmas eve restaurant!

Bestia is closed.
Terroni is closed.
Pace is closed.
Church and State is closed...

Anyone have any ideas along the lines of the above? We'd like to stay closer to downtown/Sliver Lake-ish, but were willing to travel out to Terroni for something great.
Cool atmosphere (in-laws are visiting) and great food is the idea.
Currently we have a table at Edendale, but we go there all the time so it seems less special. Did Cliff's Edge last year.
Thought about Bottega Louie but we'd like to be able to hear each other...

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  1. Water Grill, WP 24, Lazy Ox Canteen, Towne, Industriel, Cafe Pinot & Drago Central are all open Xmas Eve.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Thank you!
      We ruled out Water Grill and WP24 on $$, and have had a terrible experience at Industriel, but the others are great options for the folks!

    2. I go to The Dal Rae every year on Christmas Eve. It is truly wonderful.

        1. Have you checked with Bashan or Ammo?