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Dec 17, 2012 10:21 AM

Do people eat gingerbread houses?

I was just struck by a funny (at the time) memory of being at a Christmas party many years ago. I was in my early 20s, as were most of the other guests.

As the night wore on and we drank too much, someone plucked a piece of candy off of a very large gingerbread house that was the centerpiece on the dining room table. Pretty soon, a group of us were picking candy off the house.

The host was not happy with us.

Does anyone eat their gingerbread houses?

Ours will go outside for the animals after New Years.

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  1. My son does. I do not.

    But then again I absolutely loathe any kinds of crafts. I am not s crafty person and have no interest in becoming one-no scrapbooking, pinterest, etc for me.

    Alas my son loves to do crafts so I buy the premade "gingerbread" houses at Wal-Mart or AC More that come with little cellophane bags of bad candy and pouches of even worse glue, errr, “frosting” and let him go to town. Nasty nasty stuff. He loves it.

    1. if it's fresh -- sure. When I worked for a kids' cooking school, we produced dozens and dozens of cutouts for the kids to build houses, and we nearly made ourselves sick nibbling all the little trimmings -- it was a delicious recipe (that I've sadly lost in a move)

      If it's been sitting around for a couple of weeks, drying out and collecting dust? Not so much.

      1. We don't. My mom and I will collect interesting candies through out the year for our house. Sometimes we make a house, sometimes we don't so we have bags of candies of indeterminable age sitting in a basket on the pantry floor. When my mom baked her own gingerbread we would eat the scrapes, but now she tends to buy pre baked houses. In middle school we had a gingerbread house competition and after the homes were placed on display on the windowsill in the classroom. Obviously those gotten picked on.

        1. In general the structural integrity calls for stale gingerbread and hardened icing to maintain an attractive look.

          The ones i've eaten are a test for strong teeth and a desperate sugar fix.

          1. I wouldn't now - the idea of all that sugar and staleness is not appealing.

            As a child there was a neighbor mom who had a gingerbread house party each year. Her theme varied but the house was always a winter wonderland complete with small porcelain figurines.

            Each child had a paper cake box for transport and we would take turns choosing pieces. I remember the agony of trying to decide between a delicate porcelain fox or jewel like stained glass window.

            I don't recall what else we did or what anything tasted like. But I can still feel the awe and sense of magic that her creations inspired!