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Dec 17, 2012 10:00 AM

Can you help me perfect this Blue Cheese Walnut cookie recipe?

I made this recipe and it was good, not great:

I love savory cookies and I want to love these. I found rolling them a bit thinner than called for led to crispier cookies, which I preferred. But there was something missing flavor wise. Lemon, rosemary? Any ideas? I do not consider myself an experienced baker like many of you clearly are.

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  1. I"m thinking maybe a stronger blue cheese?

    I recently made these:
    And I had to add some cream cheese to the dough (desert climate) but they were delicious and satisfying)

    1. I might use a stronger blue cheese and maybe add a second cheese like a Gruyere or Comte to round out the flavor. I also always toast the nuts first, and I prefer the flavor of pecans.(I wouldn't add lemon but rosemary might work.)

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        Toasting the nuts is a good idea and I generally do that with nuts for salads, pesto, etc.

      2. Cayenne Pepper is a glaring omission to me.
        It really brings out the cheese flavor in baked goods.

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          That sounds good.

          How good a cheese did you use? There's not a lot going on in this cookie, so I'm thinking top-quality cheese and butter.

          I also prefer white pepper to black.

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            I'm interested in making these, too. Are there any types/brands of stronger blue that ya'll recommend?

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              I used Costco gorgonzola. It is definitely a milder cheese so perhaps a stronger blue would be better.

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                I do not think that you need a super high end Blue ie:Cabrales, Gorganzola, Stilton, Save that for eating.
                A good Danish Blue should be fine.
                I have made a very similar Biscuit and the Nuts and Cheese are complex enough.

            2. I also noticed the cookies are softer at first but get crisp overnight.

              1. Agree that cayenne would be a great addition.

                Herb-wise, I'd use thyme (or even lemon thyme).

                You could try adding just a dash of worcestershire for an extra savory boost.

                Dare I suggest subbing bacon grease for for some of the butter?