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Dec 17, 2012 09:44 AM

Oxtail - Recipe?

Hey All,

Have 2 pounds of oxtails in the fridge. Not sure to lean Jamaican, Korean or somewhere else on this one.

Does anyone have any great oxtail recipes?


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  1. I've done oxtail with traditional beef bourgiognon flavors, and it's great.

    1. My choice for direction would depend on what sides and starch I was serving with the Oxtails...e.g. Polenta, Risotto, Puree Potatoes, Pasta or Rice Pilaf.

      Brown Stock/Gravy Inspired
      Red Wine Inspired
      Tomato Gravy Inspired
      Soup or Stew

      1. I've made this recipe for Roman style braised oxtails:
        It was delicious! I found the recipe from a prior oxtail thread on CH.

        IIRC the only change I made was to use my immersion blender to puree the cooked vegetables to make a gravy.

        1. I have always been very partial to slow cooked oxtails in peanut sauce. The slow cooking makes the peanut sauce unctuous and fantastically lip-smacking.

          1. My favourite oxtail recipe also uses chicken wings. It is a long slow, oven stew/braise with dry chicken noodle soup mix (yes!), oregano that leans heavily on garlic, onion, oregano and parsley. I serve it over rice, as the tiny noodles in the original soup blend into the sauce.

            The strong flavours of the oxtail lend real depth to the chicken. Yes, there are lots of bones...this is a meal for family only as it is best eaten with the hands, mopping up the rich sauce with lots of fresh cheese bread. Needs only a green salad to balance.