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Dec 17, 2012 09:06 AM

ISO: Live Dungeness crab in Marin

The family is renting a house in Tiburon for the week of Christmas and we'd like to do a Dungeness crab dinner the day after Christmas.

Where can we buy live Dungeness crab in Marin? We will be cooking and cleaning at home, just need them big and feisty! We would prefer not to have to go back into the city to pick some up but are familiar with the places that have them there (Alioto's, the Sunset, etc.).

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  1. Living in Novato I always pick my crab in SF on the way home from work or at G&G Market in Petaluma. If you do go to a place in Marin like the Western Boat & Tackle in San Rafael you will end up paying twice the price.

    Depending on where you are in Tiburon, New May Wah on Clement may be your quickest and cheapest option.

    1. I'd suggest making an outing of it and head up the Sonoma Coast to Bodega Bay to buy directly from the fishermen. Call ahead for availability.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, but I really prefer to stay in Marin and not do a lot of driving. Price isn't really a factor, just good, live crabs! TIA.

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          The problem you're going to have the day after Christmas is that the crabs will likely have been in captivity since Sunday or Monday for holiday sales, shrinking each day and slowly dying, unless you buy from a fisherman who worked on the holiday to drop his traps on Christmas Day (unlikely) or went out Wednesday morning. You're going to have to do some searching to get a lively crab on the day after Christmas. Down here in Monterey Bay, the boats plan to hit the maximum price for Christmas Day and New Year's Eve sales and take it easy in between. And if it's storming, supply will be short.

          1. Loch Lomond Bait Shop in San Rafael ( Make sure and call a few days in advance to find out when they'll be open and if they'll have crabs. They keep them in cages in the bay.

            Fish in Sausalito has a market inside the restaurant. Live crabs may require advance order (


            Like Western Boat (, these are on the higher end of price, around a buck extra a pound than Bay Area average and a bit more compared to the cheapest right off of the boats and in some SF markets.

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              Happy holidays, gumbolox!

              I called Asian Market too which you had suggested before. Live crabs today are $8.99/lb.