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Dec 17, 2012 08:49 AM

SOS Chowhounders to the rescue. Dinner tonight for 6 around 7:30

I was just given the task of finding a fun, festive restaurant for 3 couples tonight. With all my lists, I am at a loss. So, I thought I'd throw it out there.

Business casual. Price not an issue but not on the EMP, Per Se level.

Many thanks.

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  1. You might want to start with OpenTable and see what is available for such a large group during the holiday season.

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Thnx. I started there - so many choices and not a moment to spare. This the season.

    2. The best of what I saw on OT:

      6:30 @ Craft
      7:30 @ David Burke Townhouse
      7:30 @ Picholine
      7:30 @ SD-26
      7:00 or 8:00 @ Tocqueville
      6:30 @ Hearth
      7:30 @ Public

      If you can dine a little later:
      8:30 @ The Modern Bar Room
      9:00 @ Aquavit
      9:00 @ Gramercy Tavern

      1. Does it have to be around 7:30?

        Tertulia does not take reservations for dinner, except for groups of 6-12 people, up to two weeks in advance to the date. It would be worth asking if they have availability, you might get lucky.

        Blue Ribbon Bakery and Blue Ribbon Brasserie only takes reservations for parties of 5 or more. Bakery is larger than Brasserie and is easier to get into. I'd call there as well.

        Takashi might work but their site indicates they are fully booked until 9:30pm.

        On OpenTable, I see availability at:
        Acme - 6 or 9
        Aldea - they have 7:30
        Ciano - 8pm
        Craft - 6:30pm
        Esca - 8:15
        Empellon Taqueria - they have 7:30
        Fatty Cue - they have 7:30
        Gramercy Tavern - 9pm
        Hearth - 6:30
        Junoon - 7:30
        La Silhouette - 7:30
        Mas (la grillade) - 7 or 8:45
        Monkey Bar - 6:30 or 8
        Public - they have 7:30pm
        Tia Pol - 8:30
        Tocqueville - 7 or 8pm
        Toloache - 7 or 8:30
        Union Square Cafe - 7:45
        Wong - 8pm

        If you want GT or USC, I'd snag that on OpenTable right away.

        Just had a great brunch at Public, and it seems like a good balance of fun, festive, but still on the nicer side.

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        1. re: kathryn

          I have enough to work through thanks to all of you!

        2. Location was a factor so, Hearth it is.
          Thnx again!

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          1. re: dragonfly

            Babbo just tweeted an opening for 6 people at 9:00 pm tonight. Call immediately if you're interested.



            Last minute openings at Babbo tonight: 4PP@8:15PM, 6PP@9PM. Call /212 353 8064 to reserve for tonight. #BBHG

          2. Hearth was a win-win. Excellent recommendation. Thank you from the 6 of us!

            The romantic, cozy decor of the restaurant was a welcoming haven from the chilly and drizzly night. The mood was festive & fun. Hearth's food was delicious and perfectly executed. The beautifully seasoned meatballs and melt in your mouth gnocchi were enjoyed by the table. My husband & I shared the fish of the day, Red Snapper, which was delicately seasoned and nicely presented. Concensus was that Hearth has some really good food! Service was stellar, the pacing of our meal excellent, and our experience lovely since we never once felt rushed during our 3 hour meal.