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Dec 17, 2012 08:36 AM

Talula's Garden or Le Bec Fin?

Which would you choose for celebrating a birthday with 8 people on a weekday evening? If Le Bec, we'd be ordering the four-course, not the more elaborate one.

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    1. re: JanR

      Jan, I trust your judgment! And the menu looks wonderful. (We'll all be doing the $85, I predict.)
      Thank you.

      1. re: sylviag

        You're welcome Sylvia. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Wherever you go, I hope it is a wonderful evening.

    2. It's gotta be either one of those two choices? I haven't been to LBF. I thought Talulah's Garden was very good overall (some hits, some misses) but not such a stellar meal from start to finish that I would be rushing back.

      1. For what it's worth, we just had a dinner at Talula's for a special occasion the weekend before last and thought it was an effectively flawless meal.

        I told them it was for a special occassion, and we were greeted very warmly and given the best table in the house (it was our first time there + we are no one!). Service was impeccable. Extremely friendly and attentive without being over-bearing or rushed in the least. Excellent ambiance, enough background noise that you don't have to feel guilty enjoying yourself, but not so much that you're shouting all night to the person sitting next to you.

        Food was also exceptional. Got to enjoy the lamb belly & chitarra as firsts (lamb was quite good, while the pasta was extraordinary), and the pork duo & duck duo as entrees. I enjoyed both entrees as you got a good rich/lean (relatively speaking!) contrast with the tenderloin/rib & breast/confit in each case. It was a nice concept that was well-executed in both cases (and perfect for someone with decision-making deficiencies such as myself). I often find the entrees to be the less-satifying obligation at these types of meals, but not in this case.

        We may have had good luck ordering (only 4 items) and a good night, but I didn't really have a single average bite of food the entire meal.

        1. Even though TG can be a little uneven, if pressed between these two I would say save the money and go to TG. I had lunch at LBF a few months ago and while it had its high points, unless things have changed I would say it's not quite there yet with the food to warrant the prices.

          1. Thanks so much for your help.
            After all this decision making, it turns out that we will have an addition four people coming including two twelve-year-olds who are vegetarians.
            So - we will be going somewhere less elegant and less expensive.
            Since the group is family, it will be wonderful wherever we end up.
            And I do want to get to LBF and Talula's at another time.