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Dec 17, 2012 08:34 AM

ISO Rowan berry jelly (or just rowan berries)

For our Christmas dinner we're cooking from a Scottish cookbook - there is a very yummy-looking roast venison dish with a port and rowan jelly sauce. I have never eaten it before & am not sure where to start looking.

Any ideas? I thought of calling Celtic Treasure Chest, or other British import shops, but there may be some other possibilities that I haven't thought of.

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  1. is rowan berry another way of saying "mountain ash" - i know the birds eat mtn ash "berries" - are they safe for human consumption? maybe the UBC Botanical Garden can answer that -

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      Yes, it's the same fruit. Once cooked (or, apparently, frozen) it becomes safe for human consumption -- the raw berries are apparently highly acidic.

    2. Just in case anyone is ever searching for native berry jams again, I'll put this link out there

      Met this lady at the Vancouver Farmer's Market. She is a retired chef living in Powell River who now makes her living foraging for native berries that she turns into jams and sauces. They are truly amazing. And even SHE doesn't sell rowan jelly. She said she can make it, and has in the past, but she doesn't bring it to markets because it's too bitter for the average person's palate around here. So there you go.

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        her black berry jalapeno jelly sounds fantastic - have you tried that one?

        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Not yet - from last week's market we brought home black-capped raspberry, salal and oregon grape. I am intrigued by the blackberry & pepper combination, though, and will be trying that one next time.