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Dec 17, 2012 08:15 AM

New York food in London

Hello London hounds --

I have a question I hope you all can help me with. A dear friend of mine from New York is stuck in London for the holidays due to visa issues. Some of my friends and I are hoping to send her a little bit of New York love, but at this point shipping something to her from here is impossible.

We would like to send her a care package of "authentic" New York foods from a local London purveyor. Bagels, smoked salmon, smoked sable, as well as sweets or pastries would be great. Really any and all ideas will be welcome. But I don't really have any idea where to look.

Can anyone offer any ideas or advice?

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  1. The closest to New York bagels I've found in London is Happening Bagel Bakery in Finsbury Park ( I don't see anything on their site that does delivery, but they're really friendly there so they might be up for a one-off if you contact them, explain the situation and cover packaging/delivery costs.

    1. Smoked fish wise I'd say trying H Forman U& Sons -- they have an online gift hamper site at

      Bagels, good luck getting delivered! Best in London are: Hendon Bagel Bake, Carmellis, Daniels, and Happening.

      Otherwise, Waitrose (supermarket chain) would have all you need but wouldn't deliver as hamper. Not as nice receiving an online shopping order as a gift.

      1. suggestion -

        as she's going to be in nyc soon, why not send her the best of british/european?

        soooooo much great stuff here for the holidays - cheeses, wines, hams, preserves .. its limitless.

        for example - some fresh burrata from italy, some iberico ham from spain, blackberry jam and english breakfast tea from harrods, stichelton cheese from neals yard .. i know i'd be a very happy camper if i got these to while away my visa blues.

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          i agree with this suggestion. natoora is a good supplier and their delivery is in paper bags which feels nice.

        2. The food halls at the big department stores will carry a range of American products, including bagels. Check out the food hall at Selfridges or Harrods.

          1. I've lived here almost 8 years and have never seen smoked sable. Smoked salmon isn't a big treat here as it's fairly inexpensive and is in every supermarket. Considering NYC prices, it's a real bargain.

            I like the idea of sending her something 'British.' Fortnum & Mason do terrific hampers as do most of the department stores. I think you'll have trouble finding NY-style food (Jewish?) that will be delivered.