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New York food in London

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Hello London hounds --

I have a question I hope you all can help me with. A dear friend of mine from New York is stuck in London for the holidays due to visa issues. Some of my friends and I are hoping to send her a little bit of New York love, but at this point shipping something to her from here is impossible.

We would like to send her a care package of "authentic" New York foods from a local London purveyor. Bagels, smoked salmon, smoked sable, as well as sweets or pastries would be great. Really any and all ideas will be welcome. But I don't really have any idea where to look.

Can anyone offer any ideas or advice?

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  1. The closest to New York bagels I've found in London is Happening Bagel Bakery in Finsbury Park (http://www.thehappeningbagelbakery.co...). I don't see anything on their site that does delivery, but they're really friendly there so they might be up for a one-off if you contact them, explain the situation and cover packaging/delivery costs.

    1. Smoked fish wise I'd say trying H Forman U& Sons -- they have an online gift hamper site at

      Bagels, good luck getting delivered! Best in London are: Hendon Bagel Bake, Carmellis, Daniels, and Happening.

      Otherwise, Waitrose (supermarket chain) would have all you need but wouldn't deliver as hamper. Not as nice receiving an online shopping order as a gift.

      1. suggestion -

        as she's going to be in nyc soon, why not send her the best of british/european?

        soooooo much great stuff here for the holidays - cheeses, wines, hams, preserves .. its limitless.

        for example - some fresh burrata from italy, some iberico ham from spain, blackberry jam and english breakfast tea from harrods, stichelton cheese from neals yard .. i know i'd be a very happy camper if i got these to while away my visa blues.

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          i agree with this suggestion. natoora is a good supplier and their delivery is in paper bags which feels nice.

        2. The food halls at the big department stores will carry a range of American products, including bagels. Check out the food hall at Selfridges or Harrods.

          1. I've lived here almost 8 years and have never seen smoked sable. Smoked salmon isn't a big treat here as it's fairly inexpensive and is in every supermarket. Considering NYC prices, it's a real bargain.

            I like the idea of sending her something 'British.' Fortnum & Mason do terrific hampers as do most of the department stores. I think you'll have trouble finding NY-style food (Jewish?) that will be delivered.

            1. If you're intent on the NYC thing you could check with Barney Greengrass (in New York) as to whether or not they'll deliver as basket to London. I figure they will, but that it'll cost a small fortune.

              1. Hello All --

                Thank you for your suggestions! We ended up ordering from this website: http://www.sparklingdirect.co.uk/ because they could guarantee delivery on Monday, Christmas Eve. As far as the New York based vendors, we didn't get our act together soon enough for them to guarantee it would be there on time. And THAT would have been a disaster.

                Anyway, thanks again. Much appreciated.