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NEEDED: Brunch cake recipe

Have been invited to holiday brunch in a couple of weeks and asked to bring a coffee cake. My "usual" recipes are sour cream pound cake, apricot coconut cake, walnut coffee cake. Looking for something different. The party will be about 30 people, someone else is already planning pecan cinnamon rolls. Want something I can do on Saturday to bring on a Sunday. Needs to serve about 12 people. I am fairly accomplished baker, but want a cake not small cookies. Suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I use this (muffin or loaf) recipe as a cake. Don't vary the ingredients, don't forget the glaze, and it's a winner.

    1. Have you ever made this crumb cake?


      Really good, moist and super easy.

      1. This is one of my favorite cakes. Good for brunch, lunch, dinner or breakfast.


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          I haven't made this but just read recipe and I will.

        2. This is a killer breakfast/brunch cake. I feel that it improves with a day or two between making and eating.


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            what's the name of recipe please, this link is pulling up the sun maid raisin web site or I'm not seeing it, sorry.

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              It is the Cream Cheese Raisin Pound Cake.

          2. I love this lemon cornmeal cake for brunch:

            It's hefty enough to be filling, but not too sweet.

            1. http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2008/0...

              this has been loved every time i make it. any in-season fruit works beautifully. i have played with adding almond meal in place of some of the flour, which works great with berries, especially cranberries. adding citrus zest and ginger is nice too.

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                The best cake. I've made it with blueberries or apples.

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                  Just double checked my recipe scribbles next to this SK recipe. The last time I made it for friends I used a combo of raspberries and apricots. I usually double the recipe for a larger pan but this is a great choice.

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                    and it keeps well -- a "cake" that is better the next day and day after even.

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                    oh my goodness hotoy.
                    when the time comes that I can buy rhubarb, this will be *Sunday brunch coffee cake royale* can not wait.

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                      oh, no need to wait for rhubarb. :) it adapts beautifully. pears are great in this too.

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                        we enjoyed this cake with blackberries at our brunch Saturday.

                  3. Google Bar Harbor Cranberry Pie. Do not let the name mislead you. There is no crist and it is much more of a cake-like structure. The sugar balances the cranberries so it would be a nice contrast to a more sweet coffe cake. Besides it is very festive looking. Do not let the simplicity of the recipe fool you either. It is addictive. I add a little vanilla to the recipe but otherwise leave it unchanged.

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                      I love that Cranberry Pie, too. I use butter and toasted walnuts as well as the vanilla you recommend. I had to stop making it because I kept eating it.

                      I also love the Blueberry snack cake from Food 52:

                    2. I made this recipe for Cranberry Buckle recently and it's excellent.


                      1. Ina Garten's Lemon Cake is DELICIOUS if you like lemon. The recipe calls for loaf pans but I've made it in a bundt and a 9x13 with excellent results: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

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                          This was going to be my suggestion as well. Everyone I've ever fed it to has raved.

                        2. I like this limoncello pound cake from www.pasolivo.com. It is particularly nice for brunch because it isn't excessively sweet and the texture is lovely. It also makes me feel like I'm back in Sicily with the marvelous lemon trees.