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Dec 17, 2012 07:50 AM

Tucson Has A New Winner!!!!!

The Wild Garlic Grill on 1st Avenue in Tucson is terrific! Steve Schultz, the former chef and owner of Red Sky has opened a new restaurant - really new - that is a genuine treat.

Don't be put off by the exterior, looks like a former fast food joint, and enjoy the very casual ambience.

We were a party of four, and, everyone enjoyed their food. Although the restaurant just opened last week, and, perhaps they have a few rough spots to take of, we're all looking forward to going back, soon.

Prices are very reasonable, and, again, the food was so good. At this time there are no desserts, but, honestly, no one had room for more food.

Help support this new restaurant, I just know you won't be disappointed, I know we weren't.

They do take reservations, I'm sure that will become important.

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  1. can you say something about what you ate?

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Sure. I had the broiled chicken breast. My husband had the salmon, our friends had the sea food stew and the tilapia, respectively. Because I don't eat potatoes I substituted for extra veggies. The best dish most probably was the fish stew, although, as I mentioned, we all enjoyed our food. Too - we always request "light on the salt," no problem.

    2. I like him and his food. Where on 1st Ave is it?

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      1. re: EWSflash

        N 1st, check it out on line, something like 2230.

      2. We were there on opening day. Yes the outside is qute off-putting - thankfully the food was superb.