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Dec 17, 2012 07:42 AM

Long Morning Meeting Around GWB/Washington Heights

Hi, Folks!

I'm having a morning meeting with a friend, and she asked to meet around George Washington Bridge. I need the place to be near a subway station.

The meeting might be long, so we're looking for a nice place that won't kick us out if we sit there for 2-3 hours...

Is there such a place? I guess we'll have breakfast/brunch/coffee/pastries - needn't be fancy.

Recommendations for shorter-stays are also welcome ;-)


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  1. New Leaf Cafe in Ft. Tryon Park.

    1. El Malecon on 175th and Bwy is right near the bridge and the subway. Among the best Dominican food in the city, with a relaxed atmosphere, fantastic coffee, and very filling breakfast offerings. Plus, no one will care if you linger for hours.