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Dec 17, 2012 06:46 AM

What can I use instead of ground almonds in this recipe?

Want to avoid any kind of ground nuts...

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  1. some other ground nut like hazelnut? unless you are concerned about nut allergies in which case I'd find a different recipe.

    1. I'd suggest a different chocolate cake recipe. There are hundreds, if not thousands, out there that don't call for ground nuts.

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      1. I recently did a different cake that called for ground almonds - I subbed in 1/2 semolina, 1/2 fine corn meal (polenta flour), per some recommendations I saw online from British who lived through war rationing (!), and it turned out fine. Can't compare to the original though. The texture was a bit coarse, but it worked for that cake.

        It could have used a little extra oil/butter, whatever your recipe called for.