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Dec 17, 2012 05:52 AM

Open on Christmas in Ri

Looking for a decent restaurant near WArwick

Looking for some place good ...near Warwick if possible...Thanks!

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  1. There was a story in the Providence Journal about this very topic! Check it out -- I definitely remember seeing some Warwick places.

    We were hoping for something decent in Providence for a mid-day meal on Christmas this year. (We're coming from out of town.) I noticed McCormack & Schmick's at the Biltmore, but it got really bad reviews on (except for the bar menu and happy hour). HELP! Does anyone know of a better place for Christmas day in Providence?

    1. "bobbie" I just checked the story again. The only Warwick place they had listed was the Legal Seafood on Post Road, but there may have been some others nearby, like in East Greenwich....