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Dec 17, 2012 05:24 AM

Pulled Pork skin issues

I was planning on making pulled pork for some friends later this week but the only cut I can get in the right size won't have the skin on. Can it still be done without the skin? I'm using James Martin's recipe.


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  1. The recipe doesn't include the skin in the sandwiches (he says to remove the "rind") so its more of a protector when grilling. Without the skin, the meat might want to dry during the grilling process, but otherwise, it'll work.
    I'm just curious which cut you are using. Jimmy suggests shoulder which does well with pulled pork as its loaded with fat. It'll still "work" If you use a skinless, boneless loin, but you won't get the same results.
    If the meat is dry, I'd add more watered-down BBQ sauce at the end and simmer a bit.
    Me? I use a cut with the skin, then add it (softened) into the final mix. Skin is good.

      1. Pulled pork is typically made with pork butt - which is skinless to begin with. Supermarkets around me usually carries pork shoulder, which has a skin. First thing I do is take the skin off. The best part of smoked pork is the bark that forms during a low and slow smoking. That can't form where there's skin. The meat has way more than enough collagen and fat to keep it moist without a protective layer of skin.

        1. I've used some bacon on top while cooking to give flavor and/or extra fat.

          1. You can also braise the pork to pull apart tenderness and use the liquid, once reduced, in your sauce.