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Dec 17, 2012 04:49 AM

Favorite cheese for souffles?

a surfeit of eggs at my home has me thinking about a soufflé. Though I usually make them with sharp cheddar or Gruyere/Comte, I'd be open to some other ideas. However, it would havevto be a cheese readily available in a standard-issue Midwestern grocery store. I can get a variety of more unusual or less common cheeses, but that would necessitate a longer drive to a mall or shopping center, something I am loathe to do until the post-return holiday rush is over.

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  1. You can use muenster, blue, gouda, chevre, emmentaler, smoked really all depends on what cheeses you like. And if you want a change from savory you can go slightly sweet - blue cheeses & chevre work really well for that.

    1. I like sharp cheddar or parmesan best for savoury souffles. The former is especially nice in a corn souffle.

      1. and I'd head for Gruyere/Comte - simply because those are two of my all-time favorites, and they play so well with eggs.

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          Ah, the Europe in us, my two choices as well. Even an Appenzeller works great.