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Dec 17, 2012 04:19 AM

Delzano's by The Sea in Redondo Beach Marina

Anyone been to Delzano's by the Sea recently?
Opinions wanted...

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  1. I haven't but what happened to Lou E. Louey's? They were owned by Delzano's, weren't they? I noticed months ago that it was a different name.

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      Seems it was Lou E. Louey's before naming it Delzanos They have another restaurant in Palos Verdes Estates called Lunada BayHouse Restaurant.

    2. I was just at an event that they catered, and it was done quite well. Rafael is a very good chef who is capable of much more challenging things than he usually does at Delzano's, so watch the specials. He is spending a lot of his time at his other restaurant the Lunada Bay House and I don't know who is doing the cooking where he isn't in.
      By the way, Lou E Luey's changed to Halibut Corners about two years ago, and it is pretty good for a modestly priced place. The chef-owner is Vietnamese and has added a few Southeast Asian items to the mainly Mexican menu. I haven't been there since early this year, but it was pretty good then - in the general category of not worth a long drive, but worth it if you are in the neighborhood. tide