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December 21st - What are you eating at the end of time?

Burger King Whopper combo - root beer and onion rings.

I regret nothing.

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  1. Dang. Hadn't considered yet, and the end of the world so close, and me with all that hummus to use up.

    Have pizza rolls in freezer. Good chance of last meal.

    1. I'll be fasting. Have to keep the cholesterol under control so my doctor won't be upset with me next visit. Then I'll have a nice big fat ribeye on the way home.

      1. I'll be on a plane - so horrible airport/airplane food, seems ironically fitting.

        1. An ice cold Coca Cola and Tasty Kakes.

          1. Is the world ending before or after lunch?

            I'll probably fry up some tater tots for breakfast, along with jalapenos and a fried egg. Order in chinese for lunch, assuming we're still alive at that point.

            A dirty martini or two after work should the End be delayed for some reason.

            1. I may as well eat up all the Christmas cookies now, 'cause my next Wednesday weigh in at WW won't be happening if the end goes down as planned..

              1. I'm glad Chanukah was early this year!

                I'll skip the house cleaning and laundry...

                I'll make something which requires enormous amounts of pots and pans since I won't have to wash up!

                1. Seems to me that something Mayan would be appropriate, so...turkey tamales, perhaps?

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                    Well I do have quinoa. Oh, and a couple of human hearts in the chest freezer. So, sure, let's go Mayan.

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                      How do you prepare those hearts? I'm thinkin' stuffed....

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                        I guess I was just gonna do like stuffed peppers (shape reminiscent); not really a big Oh yeah! End of the World! type meal. What would you stuff with?

                  2. I was planning on heating up left over roast turkey. After all, I can't take it with me...

                    1. Celebrating the Winter Solstice at The Prime Rib in Philadelphia and eating the specialty of the house, medium rare.

                      1. lunch will be my usual work-day fare, Fridays I get soup and salad from our cafeteria.
                        dinner will probably be a wawa sandwich, since we'll be on the road. maybe i'll indulge a craving and get the egg salad instead of turkey... since it's the end of the world and all. :)

                        1. Our children are cooking a feast for us! Took the end of the world to get them all in one place at the same time.........but hey, whatever it takes!

                          1. Darn it! My son's not coming home from the Navy till Saturday!

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                              Eating? I'll be drinking, & then when I wake up the next day, & the world hasn't ended, I'll have a wicked hangover....

                            2. Martinis.
                              Ribeye steak -- rare/med-rare.
                              Baked potato with butter *and* sour cream.
                              Iceberg wedge with blue cheese dressing.

                              1. Lasagna. No doubt about it.

                                Me and Garfield.

                                1. My B'day is the 21st and it is a ritual to go out for Chinese or Thai.

                                  1. My roomie and I have had this planned for a while. Thursday is steak, crab legs (if they look good), corn on the cob, broccoli, and a tomato/basil salad. Plus chocolate cake for dessert. We're trying to cover everyone's favorites for the night.

                                    Friday - in case we can fit another dinner in before the world ends- will be whatever we're too tired/hungry to bother cooking tonight. And more chocolate cake.

                                    We got a bottle of nice champagne tonight (Perrie Jouet- so excited!) so I think we'll be happy regardles.

                                    It's also our final dinner together before I leave town, so maybe we're taking it a bit further than necessary....!

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                                      The end of the world and you're leaving town? What town would that be, lol (jk!). Nice menu!