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Dec 16, 2012 11:19 PM

Good places to buy beef/lamb/goat bones for soup?

Where are some good places to buy big marrow-rich (beef/lamb/goat) bones for soup? I know this question has been asked before, but I hoped for updates.

Cost is one priority. I'm willing to pay more for grass-fed or otherwise "known higher-quality" product, though not Draeger's prices.

Currently I buy lamb shanks at Rose Market in Mountain View. There, as elsewhere, I think I'm mostly paying for the flesh, though what I really care about is the bone.

Previous posts here and elsewhere say "ask any butcher." What's the etiquette of asking a butcher to sell me dirt-cheap bones (that they might discard) when I'm not doing any other business with them?


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  1. Berkeley Bowl will sell you a whole cow leg bone and saw it up, that's cheaper than the already packaged soup / marrow bones.

    1. Ver Brugge (College Ave in Oakland) has a freezer case in which they have a few shelves of a variety of types of bones. I've poked around in there and gotten some good ones @ pretty good prices.

      My most recent bone purchase there was pork bones, which were so much meatier than the usual pork neck bones you get @ (say) Safeway. And I've gotten good beef and lamb bones for soup other times, also with happy results. Can't say if I've seen goat there.

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      1. Check with the halal butchers and the Fijiian Indian grocery stores.