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Dec 16, 2012 10:51 PM

Cassoulet Sundays At Rendezvous; $38 Pris fixe

We had marvelled at Steve's cassoulet last year, served at the bar as part of a few Tapas Mondays. Tonight we had another cassoulet dinner there. His version is a very generous size and has alot of meat (more than the white beans)It included a spicy robustly seasoned pork sausage and was appropriately unctuous with creamy white beans,bacon, roasted fat, and vegetables. A beautiful
demiglace gave it a clean-on-the-tongue foundation. Red wines by the glass are one of the delights for us at Rendezvous, and our PeyBonhomme went really well with our cassoulet.

We preceded it with a near perfect salad (I requested more port shallot salad dressing) of duck confit, cranberries and spiced pecans over greens. We were again struck by the generous portion, all the more valuable because of the richness that followed.

Our two desserts- the Lemon Pudding Cake and the Pear Crostata-- both showed why they are menu regulars, leaving us with big Happy Camper smiles yet again. We're all ready to go back tomorrow night!

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  1. Thank you for the review - this sounds absolutely awesome. I look forward to trying Rendezvous' cassoulet and duck confit - all the while saying to myself "calories do not count during the holidays."

    I do have question, could you elaborate on the "roasted fat" - I've never seen this listed as an ingredient for a dish.

    Many thanks!

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      well, i think the fat was attached to the meat , but the knobs of fat were substantial, so i tried to convey that w/ the description. Nevertheless, it was not a heavy fatty dish. sorry for being confusing.

    2. One of my party ordered the cassoulet last Sunday, and just loved it. The serving was very generous. His only problem was he had to choose between finishing his cassoulet or having the lemon buttermilk cake. The server suggested that they pack the second half of the cassoulet to take home. It was the perfect lunch on Monday.