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Dec 16, 2012 10:18 PM

Eating at the bar in Santa Barbara

Have one night in downtown SB after the first of the year, will be by myself, no car. Looking for a nice place to eat dinner at the bar. Not a bar that serves food, but a nice place that serves from their menu at the bar. I find this comfortable as a single diner. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Male or female -- there might be a different feeling at different places by gender but here are some good ones:

    --Hungry Cat - much better than table service actually
    --Julienne - top choice for food and very hospitable service attitude
    --Sushi Teri on Bath Street - my favorite low-key "female" place to go on my own - more sushi bar than drink bar (or other sushi places - always have a sushi bar where you can get their menu items as well
    --newly opened Relais de Paris - peeked inside and they have a generous bar area and their menu which is getting a lot of positive reviews (a chain actually - have not been there myself)
    --Chase on State - venerable old standard for Italian and twinkle lights this time of the year

    1. Many moons ago when I was single I often ate at the bar at Paradise Cafe. Also suggest Intermezzo and Opal.

      1. Chase is my fave and love sitting at the bar and eating my fave, calamari picatta with a side of fettucini....calamari is some of the best on the planet.
        Brophy Brothers at the dock has a great bar with lots of fresh seafood.
        Lucky's in Montecito that has a great bar with food..pricey and lots of celebs but a good place to dine and drink.

        1. Holdrens is a pretty good option for bar dining. It's also in the heart of downtown State St.