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Dec 16, 2012 09:51 PM

My SD staycation

Stayed down in Hillcrest with a friend for the weekend, I live in Oceanside.


AM: Hit up the Little Italy farmers Market. I have never been to this one before, it’s really cute. We were headed to lunch soon so mainly just looked around. We did buy some great cheese.

Lunch: Akinori Sushi. After hearing great things on this board I really wanted to try Akinori Sushi. We arrived for lunch and were the only ones there, which was great. Talked with Chef Akinori about the business and were served some great sushi. We started with nigiri of Shad followed by Uni. We then had the anniversary roll and then something of his choosing. He produced two pieces of miso poached chilean sea bass accompanied by two pieces of eel and jalapeno wrapped in yellow tail with a sweet chili paste, very good. The sea bass was melt in your mouth buttery and the rolls had the right balance where you could still taste the components. Loved Akinori and would go back and do Omakase in a second.

Dinner: Hexagon. This was my friend’s choice and I thought it would be alright. It actually exceeded my expectations. A few things I noticed…I’m Forty something and my friend is in her late 20’s looks early 20’s and we were definitely the youngest guests there. I was dressed fine for 98% of the restaurants and San Diego but everyone was older and had a sport coat. We were still treated perfectly it just struck me.
Food was actually really good. We split three starters, the escargot, the frog legs, and the sweetbreads. The standouts were the frog legs, and the sweet breads. The sauces that accompanied both dishes worked perfectly. The mains were duck breast and short rib. I had the duck breast, it was good though I wish there was more of a sear on the outside.
After dinner walk through Balboa Park to see the Christmas lights…highly recommended.
Dessert: Heaven Sent Desserts, North Park. We took home a slice of eggnog cheesecake, and a red velvet and strawberry parfait. Finished most of those with Ice Wine and Champagne cocktails.

AM: San Diego Public Market. Really a letdown compared to the little Italy market.
Lunch: Pho King. Really good pork Pho and apps. Slow service.
Afterwards we hit up the Hillcrest farmers market, which I had been to before. We mainly went to grab some guacamole from H&B’s Guac Shac. Probably the best guacamole I have tried. Out of the three farmers market I liked Little Italy the best.

As if that was not enough, I decided to stop buy The Big Front Door, which we had passed while driving around all weekend, and take a sandwich to go for Monday back home. We instantly fell in love with this place just on vibe and execution of the concept alone. Sampled a few of their salads and ordered a sandwich and a small chipotle potato salad side to go.

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  1. I need to take more vacations.

    I live in that area and it takes me at least a month to do some of those things.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Both of us work seven days a week. So when we do get time off it is laser in our bubble doing what we want to do. I even left some stuff out:)