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Dec 16, 2012 08:51 PM

4 days over New Year's in Vegas

Am heading in on December 30th and out on January 3rd. So far I have no reservations anywhere but I'll have a car. I'll stay at NYNY on a comp. I usually don't make reservations (except when I went to e). Here's the question:- Am I going to be really screwed if I don't make reservations pronto (especially for New Year's eve)? The kind of places I'll be going to include Lotus, Raku, Bar Forte - definitely a tilt towards Asian but I might also give CUT a try (or go cheap at Charlie Palmer's).

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  1. I've deliberately never been in LV during New Year's Eve, and I assume that night will be different from the period right after. I'm guessing that of the places you mention, Raku is likely to be the hardest reservation but I've found Raku to be among the least predictable places to predict traffic patterns.

    I try to make as few reservations as possible when I got to LV, but New Year's Eve might be an exception, even off-Strip.

    1. I'm a thirteen year resident of Las Vegas. You defiantly will need a reservation on New Year's Eve. The Strip will be closed to all but pedestrian traffic. Also, the east/west roads that bisect the Strip will also be closed.

      1. Remember, crossing the Strip in a car without going way South or North will be impossible on NYE as the Strip (including cross traffic) is closed to cars starting about 6pm. So from NYNY you really will only be able to drive West, so Chinatown an Spring Mountain/Jones will be accessible. Any Strip restauarant away from Stip/Tropicana area will be only accessible by foot.

        1. OK the Strip closing is good to know about. So, if I drive Lotus is out on NYE but Raku is in. Actually, the strip closing could be a blessing as it makes walking to strip restaurants a little easier. Might hike up to the Venetian

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            It will be OK to walk if you don't mind walking with a 100,000 or so of your closest friends.

            1. Just got back from my trip. Posting a report in a new thread. Thanks for the advice from all of you.

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