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Dec 16, 2012 08:44 PM

Stollen on the central coast

Alrighty, I love stollen - wanted to make some this year but that is not going to happen. Will be spending Christmas in SLO so does anyone have a source for this delight? I'd say anything from Paso to Lompoc is fair game since someone will be coming from those areas. Thanks hounds!

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  1. Does Madonna Inn bakery in SLO do this? The certainly like celebrating Christmas so one would hope stollen and Christmas can't be separated.

    1. Best shots are probably House of Bread in SLO or the Apple Farm. Both have good bakeries that like putting out seasona l items. The former would be my preference of the two if she is doing one. Really good Baker and passionate about what she does.

      1. House of Bread has it, but call to reserve one or you may find them sold out.

        1. Darn - second attempt at a reply. Anyway, grabbed one early this morning at HOB. Didn't call ahead but got there about 8 and I'd say there were 5 or 6 displayed. Turns out my mom also ordered one from Williams Sonoma so I'll let you know how they compare. My mom also loves stollen but has the added burden of searching for one like her grandmother made(good luck). Anyway as far as the HOB version she pronounced it "delicious but not what I'd call stollen". For my tastes I thought it wasn't as white or as crumbly(not really the word I'm looking for) as is my preference. Also it has walnuts which I don't typically see - undecided on those.

          Thanks for the help central coast hounds! You are a knowledgeable and helpful bunch.

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            I have a good Stollen recipe given to me by an Austrian home baker (took a baking class series from her) I could send you. I an NOT a bread baker, but found this yeasted sweet bread far from difficult. It makes two large loaves, or you can make minis instead. Let me know. Like any traditional recipes, it is probably one from her family, so it will differ a bit from your grandmother's, but it would be made by YOU :-).

            1. re: toodie jane

              Toodie - I would love that recipe - you can email me or post here whatever is easier - twilightaes at yahoo is my email