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Dec 16, 2012 08:04 PM

best breakfast on capitol hill?

Hi there,
My husband and I are visiting Seattle for a few days and need a recommendation for a really good breakfast on Capitol Hill. Thanks all!

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  1. I know Skillet has a lot of detractors, but it definitely gets my vote. Hands down.

    Oddfellows is also good, and a nice ambiance -- good place to hang out.

    Coastal Kitchen is decent and dependable, but the gingerbread waffles are disappointingly un-gingerbready.

    If you feel like getting off the Hill, Serious Biscuit (a.k.a. Dahlia Workshop) down in South Lake Union makes a very tasty biscuit sandwich (I recommend the bacon/fried green tomato).

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    1. re: Bax

      +1 for Skillet--greasy spoon done right. As for the detractors, at least they won't be in front of me in line for a seat.

    2. I'll throw a vote towards the Wandering Goose. Great biscuits, among other things.

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      1. re: d8200

        Tried the Wandering Goose this morning and got the biscuit with egg, cheese and country ham.
        The saltiness of the ham totally overpowered the rest of it.
        I sent them an email and let's see if they respond.
        Otherwise, a "real capitol hill" experience.

        1. re: JayDK

          Well, no email reply.
          Does it bug anyone else when you email the restaurant and get no reply?
          Seems to me it's just common courtesy.
          But when you eat there, spend the time to email, and get no reply, that's a bit insulting in my book.

      2. Americana on Broadway. I like The East Coast and their pancakes of the day are always good. They have great bacon too!

        1. I like the Sorrento Hotel for breakfast, especially the blueberry pancakes. Not too far from Capital Hill.
          Re: Oddfellows. The food looks good but the tables are disgusting. They use a painted aged wood table top with cracks and crevices and who knows what creepy crawlies take harbor within. Could be easily fixed by putting glass on the table tops but I guess they didn't ask me.
          Cafe Presse is also very nice for breakfast and is closeby.

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          1. I like Glo's for breakfast. It's a small space, so get there early so you don't have to stand in line.