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Dec 16, 2012 07:52 PM

wawa coffe fans - now available in k-cups

My BIL is a HUGE wawa coffee fan, but the closest to them is Scranton PA, an hours drive at least. Last year we took him 2 lbs of their ground coffee, which he brews once in a while. Since he's hooked on his Keurig DSis mentioned it would be so nice if wawa made K cups. I googled, and they just started making them at Thanksgiving. Guess what my BIL is getting for Christmas! he's gonna be a happy guy. :-D

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  1. $9 for 12 cups of WaWa is a bit expensive for K cups.

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    1. re: ocpitmaster

      very true - but I don't find K cups pricing to be very economical anyway...

      1. re: jujuthomas

        I agree
        Unfortunately, best $$$ here are WalMart & BB&Beyond (don't enjoy shopping at either) boh average +/- $0.50 per cup. Sam's Club has better pricing; also don't enjoy the 'herd mentality' shopping there either.(Starting to sound like an old fart!)